Physical/Sexual Health

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Physical/Sexual Health Outline

Because there are several different issues and topics within physical health, we have created an outline to help individuals find the resources they need. Please press on the blue links to find information about each topic. 

Terms to Know provides definitions for:

Forensic Exam


Emergency Contraception

Medical vs. Procedural Abortion

Hospital Care provides information about:

Medical Health Locations

  • St. Mary’s Health Center

  • Barnes Jewish

  • Student Health Services

What to Expect at the Hospital

Forensic Exams provides information about:

Definition of forensic exam

What to expect during the exam

Emergency Contraception provides information about:

Definition of emergency contraception

Emergency Contraception access:

  • Student Health Services

  • Local Stores

  • The Spot

  • Planned Parenthood

  • Ella prescription

Birth Control/Sexual Protection contains information about:

Birth Control/Sexual Protection Access:

  • Student Health Services

  • Planned Parenthood

  • The Spot

Pregnancy contains information about:

Pregnancy testing and referral services:

  • Student Health Services

  • Planned Parenthood

Abortion Care provides information about:

Definition of medical vs procedural abortion

Missouri-Specific Regulations

Abortion Care Services:

  • Planned Parenthood

  • Hope Clinic (Illinois)

STIs/HIV provides information about:


  • Definition of prophylaxis

  • Access to prophylaxis

Testing and Treatment:

  • Student Health Services

  • The Spot

  • Planned Parenthood

  • St. Louis Effort for AIDS

  • Project ARK


  • National AIDS Hotline

  • HIV Nightline


  • Doorways

  • Our Little Haven

Food outreach:

  • Food Outreach

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