Birth Control/ Sexual Protection

Please feel free to call SARAH to discuss these resources and other options.

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Birth Control/ Sexual Protection

Student Health Services

  • Website:  Student Health Services

  • Number: 314-935-6666

  • Student Health Services provides the oral pill, patch, Depo-Provera shot, diaphragm, Nuva Ring, male and female condoms, and IUD insertion. Students will need a pelvic exam if they want birth control. See Wash U Campus Resources under “Medical Health” for information on making an appointment at SHS.

Planned Parenthood

  • Address: 4251 Forest Park Avenue/ (option 2) 3401 S. Grand Blvd

  • Number: 314-531-7526

  • Website: Planned Parenthood

  • Planned Parenthood offers several different types of birth control and contraceptive methods.

The Spot

  • Number: 314-535-1413

  • Location: 4169 Laclede Ave

  • Website: The Spot

  • The Spot is open to individuals between the ages of 13-24. It offers free birth control, free contraception, free STI testing, and other services. Walk-in appointments are available between 1pm-5pm Monday-Friday. Calling the day before to get an appointment (at 11am) is highly recommended.