Legal Advocacy

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Legal Advocacy

Orders of Protection

Information on obtaining an Order of Protection, OOP, in Missouri: 

  • Go to the St. Louis County Courthouse: 105 S. Central Ave., Clayton, MO. 63105.
  • Proceed to the adult abuse office (located on the ground floor of the courthouse)
  • Fill out petition for order of protection 
    • The caller will need a work or home address of the respondent
    • Include specific dates of incidents, as many details as possible, and why are the caller is afraid for their safety
  • Judge will review the petition in the following days and potentially grant an Ex Parte order of protection (temporary order of protection). 
  • A hearing will be scheduled for their full order of protection hearing 
    • In order to move forward with the full order of protection hearing, the respondent must be served with the court summons at LEAST 72 HOURS prior to the court date 
    • Most commonly served through the sheriff’s office, will only go to one address (work or home)
  • In court: 
    • Judge must meet a burden of proof that the events in the petition are 51% more likely to have happened than not, similar to the Title IX preponderance standard
    • Each petitioner will meet with a court advocate who is available for support, resource referral, and discussing service options, OP enforcement, and safety plans

Enforcing Orders of Protection:

  • Petitioner can call 911 and have an officer respond to the scene if the order of protection has been violated
  • File a motion for criminal contempt if the conditions of the OP are violated
    • Petitioner will have to go to the county courthouse and file a motion for contempt. 
    • If respondent is served with the paperwork, the judge may proceed with the hearing. 
      • If a respondent is found in contempt of the petitioner’s full order of protection, they may serve up to six months in the St. Louis County Jail.

Crime Victim Advocacy Center of St. Louis

  • Website: CVAC
  • Legal Assistance: 800-527-1460
  • 24/7 Crisis Line: 314-652-3623
  • Location: 539 N. Grand Blvd., Suite 400
  • This resource provides free, appointment-based counseling for victims (men and women). Some other free services include advocacy, crisis intervention, criminal justice guidance, referrals, and more.

Legal Advocates for Abused Women (LAAW)

  • Website: LAWW  (LAAW is a sub-organization of the Crime Victim Advocacy Center of St. Louis described above)
  • Phone: 314-664-6699
  • LAAW provides free legal representation, legal options and info, info about adult/ child orders of protection, crisis support, referrals, safety planning, and more services.

Legal Services of Eastern Missouri

St. Louis Office Phone Number: 314-534-4200

Hours: Monday to Thursday from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm, Fridays from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm

Location: 4232 Forest Park Avenue St. Louis, MO 63108


  • Free civil legal assistance, advice and information for low-income people and the elderly in 21 eastern Missouri counties
  • Representation in courts and administrative hearings
  • Provides legal advice or referral information
    • Handles most kinds of civil legal cases
    • Housing, Domestic Violence, Special Education, Public Benefits, Consumer Issues, Senior Cases, Immigration and Low-Income Business and non-profit representation



  • Missouri Victim Automated Notification System (MOVANS) is a fully automated information notification system that immediately notifies registered users upon a change in an offender’s incarceration, court status or the status of a protection order
  • Allows survivors to keep track of legal proceedings in order to maintain their personal safety and mental well-being
  • Service under the Missouri Department of Public Safety

Alternatives to Living in Violent Environments (ALIVE)

  • Website: ALIVE
  • Crisis Line (24/7): 314- 993- 2777
  • Business Line: 314- 993- 7080
  • ALIVE provides information, individual and group counseling, court advocacy, assistance in seeking shelter, and more services. 

St. Louis County Domestic Violence Court

  • Phone Number: 314-615-4725
  • Court Order of Protection Assistance Number: 314-615-3210
  • Hours: Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4 pm, Saturdays from 9 am to 12 pm
  • Location: 105 South Central Ave. Clayton, MO 63105


  • Civil orders of protection and courtroom advocacy for survivors of domestic violence, sexual violence, family violence, and stalking

St. Louis Metro Police- Sex Crimes Unit

  • Website: SLMPD
  • Number (available between 8am- 4pm): 314-444-5385
    • Do not call to report sexual assaults, call 911
  • Address: 1200 Clark Ave.
  • The St. Louis Metro Police is “responsible for investigating and reporting sexual assault crimes.” It also collaborates with YWCA’s SART.

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