About us

We are SARAH:

confidential, anonymous, and trained to provide support (24/7).

We are confidential:

  • We never record the names or numbers of our callers. The details of the call are kept between the caller and the counselor. We do not reveal how many calls we receive or when. We do not share caller information with the university.

We are anonymous:

  • Most SARAH counselors are anonymous in order to maintain the integrity and privacy of our services.

  • However, there are times in which some SARAH counselors will reveal their identities. This is so that we can co-sponsor events, recruit new members, conduct SARAH Safe educational programs, and freely communicate with the larger campus community.

  • If you have attended any of the aforementioned events or are aware of SARAH counselors’ identities, we ask that you please keep that information to yourself to maintain the anonymity of the SARAH counselors.

We are students:

  • SARAH counselors are all students (both undergraduate and graduate students). We make up a mixture of identities.

We are trained to help the Wash U community:

  • All SARAH counselors complete over 60 hours of intensive training before answering calls.

  • Training topics include:

    • sexual assault and rape

    • rape culture and myths

    • interpersonal violence and stalking

    • LGBTQIA* issues

    • supporting survivors of all gender identities

    • religious and cultural issues

    • police procedure (WU & St. Louis)

    • WU judicial process

    • STIs/health risks

    • high risk coping mechanisms (self-harm)

    • pregnancy and options counseling

    • resources (WU & St. Louis)

    • general counseling

    • and more

  • Note: although the above topics are listed, we are here to talk about whatever is on your mind.

Additional questions? 

  • Please feel free to visit Frequently Asked Questions

  • Please feel free to email sarahatwashu@gmail.com about non-urgent questions or concerns.