Forensic Examination

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Forensic Examination

A forensic exam is the collection of DNA evidence that could later be used for reporting if a person chooses to report. The forensic exam consists of evidence collection and medical care. An advocate from the YWCA SART team is available to accompany individuals having a forensic exam. Individuals can decide if they would like a support person in the room with them. In addition, Kim Webb is available to accompany students (see Campus Resources ). 

  • People undergoing an examination get to chose what types of care and evidence collection they receive. They are allowed to stop, pause, and skip any parts of the examination.
  • The exam offers (depending on the situation): 
    • pelvic exam
    • sperm analysis
    • swabs from oral, rectal and vaginal tracts and anywhere else where semen/saliva may be present
    • thorough body examination for bruises and injuries
    • collecting pieces of hair
    • fingernail scrapings from under nail beds
    • collecting hair by plucking by pubic and head hair
    • photographs of injuries
    • emergency contraception
    • STI prophylaxis
  • It is up to the person undergoing the examination to decide what types of care and evidence collection they would like to receive. While we listed different items that the exam offers, the survivor can choose to stop the process at any point or choose which parts to participate in.