How To Call

How our helpline works:

  1. Call SARAH at 314-935-8080

  2. Leave a message with a name (or pseudonym) and number:

    • When you call, you will be directed to a voice mail after six standard rings. This voicemail will end by asking you to leave a message. In that message, please leave your phone number and, if comfortable, your name or pseudonym. 
      • Name: We ask for your name/pseudonym so that we know we are talking to the right person when we call back. 
      • Phone number: We ask for your phone number so that we can ensure we are calling the right person back.
  1. Expect a call within 20 minutes.

    •  A SARAH counselor will call you back from a blocked number. When you pick up, they will ask for you by the name or pseudonym that was left in the message before disclosing that they are a SARAH counselor. This is done to ensure that the counselor has called the right person.
    • If you do not receive a call within 20 minutes, please feel free to call back and leave another message. This would only occur if the number in the message was indecipherable. Otherwise, calls should be returned within 20 minutes.
    • Please note that SARAH is not available during winter or summer break. If you call during this time, the message will direct you to other resources.

You may call back at any time. 

Who can call our helpline?

Any member of the Wash U community may call. 

When can you call?

Anytime – we are available 24/7. Please note that we are not available during winter or summer break, so a caller would be directed to a message that offers other resources. You may call about any concern, event, issue or whatever is on your mind. 

Call for yourself. Call for a friend. Call to talk. Everyone is welcome.