Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there SARAH counselors who do not identify as cisgender women?

  • Yes, there are counselors of various gender identities in SARAH. 

Can I call if I do not identify as female/woman?

  • Yes, SARAH welcomes callers of all gender identities. 

What if I want to talk about something that didn’t happen at WashU?

  • We are available to talk about any event that happened at any place/ time.

Can I call SARAH if I do not have a specific event to talk about?

  • Yes, you may call SARAH to talk about anything that is on your mind.

What if I think I know the SARAH counselor who calls me back?

  • If you think you recognize a SARAH counselor, you may ask to speak to someone else and we will call you back shortly.

What if I call SARAH and do not get a call back?

  • All calls should be returned within 20 minutes. If you do not receive a call, that is because we are offline (winter/ summer break) or we were not able to hear or decipher your number. Please feel free to call back and leave another message if this happens. For instructions, see Helpline.

Is SARAH available during the summer?

  • Currently SARAH is not available during the summer or winter break. However, SARAH counselors are available to take calls at any point during each academic semester (including Thanksgiving and Spring break). The message offers other resources to students if they call during times in which SARAH is offline. Our Resources page provides alternative resources as well.

For our general information, please feel free to look at our About us or Home page.

Please feel free to email about non-urgent questions or concerns.