Wash U Campus Resources

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Please feel free to call SARAH to discuss these resources and other options.

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Wash U Campus Resources: 

Layout of Wash U Services

RSVP layout of resources:

  • Link: Wash U Resources Diagram

  • The above link explains the differences between confidential resources and mandatory reporters. It also provides several different Wash U resources. Please feel free to call SARAH for clarification about these resources. SARAH is confidential and will not report or record any calls.

  • RSVP Center vs. Title IX


Kim Webb:

  • Email: kim_webb@wustl.edu

  • Office number: 314-935-8761 

  • Kim can be contacted through SARAH (314-935-8080) or WUPD (315-935-5555) in emergencies (when she is not in her office).

  • Kim Webb is the director of the Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention Center (RSVP Center). She is a confidential resource who provides counseling and referrals for students who have been involved in situations regarding sexual assault, rape, stalking, interpersonal violence, and related topics. Kim provides these services to all students. Some services that Kim offers specifically for survivors is helping change housing and classes, communicating with professors, and accompanying students while going to the hospital. In addition, Kim can explain legal procedures to students, along with accompanying them to the courthouse.

Student Health Services:

  • Website:  Student Health Services

  • Number: 314-935-6666

  • Student Health Services provides 8 free counseling sessions for each student per year (regardless if they are on Wash U’s insurance or their own). Individual, couples, and group counseling is available.

  • How to set up an appointment:

  1. Visit SHS’s website (link above) and press “make an appointment” at the top of the page

  2. Sign up for a mental health intake call

  3. Schedule an in-person counseling appointment

Overview of services:

  • 1 intake call

  • 8 counseling sessions

  • Students are allowed 15 counseling sessions total in a year. Sessions after the 8 free counseling will require a co-pay for each visit.

Medical Services:

Student Health Services:

  • Website:  Student Health Services

  • Number: 314-935-6666

  • Student Health Services provides pelvic exams, STI & HIV testing/treatment, birth control, and emergency contraception at a discounted price of $20.

To make an appointment for medical services:

  1. Go to SHS’s website (link above) and click on “make an appointment”

  2. Sign up for either a Women’s Health or Men’s Health appointment

  3. There is a general health appointment option, but this would be for non-immediate concerns

To access emergency contraception:

  1. Female students may purchase emergency contraception without a prescription from Quadrangle Pharmacy within business hours for $20.

Police and Safety

Washington University Police Department

  • Website:  WU Police Department

  • Number: 314-935-5555

  • WUPD provides free rides to the hospital to students (no explanation or disclosure needed). WUPD also can help students with a police report if they would like to proceed crimically.

  • Students may also request an escort from Bear Patrol between the hours of 8pm and 2am 7 days a week from anywhere on the Danforth campus. 

  • To request a ride to the hospital or an escort from Bear Patrol, call: 314-935-5555

Reporting Processes

Bias Report and Support System

  • Website:  Bias Report and Support System

  • Number: 314-935-8118

  • The BRSS provides students who have witnessed an incident of hate, bias, and/or discrimination support and a means of reporting. The reports are used for the benefit of the community to understand trends in incident occurrence; when published all identifying information is removed from incident summaries.  

Ways to report:

  1. Go to the BRSS website (blue link above) and click “online report form”

    1. Students can report anonymously online by clicking the “For Information Only” option

  2. Fill out a phone report by calling 314-935-8118 during business hours

  3. Submit a paper form, which can be found online, to the campus box 1167

  4. Schedule a meeting by emailing brss@wustl.edu and provide an in-person report during a meeting with the BRSS coordinator or a BRSS team member

The USAIB Process: The University Sexual Assault Investigation Board (Title IX)

This judicial process of reporting allows students to report incidents of harassment or assault.

How it works: (Feel free to call S.A.R.A.H. for more information about this process)

  1. Complainant (the personing filing a report) contacts the university’s Title IX Coordinator, Jessica Kennedy at 314-935-3118, Cynthia Copeland at 314-935-3411, or the Director of Student Conduct, Tamara King at 314-935-4174

  • It should be noted that Cynthia Copeland works with reports within the student body, while Jessica Kennedy works with reports between a student and a faculty member.
  1. Speaking to either of these people may not mean that the student is obligated to report

  2. A student may also pursue criminal charges while filing judicial processes

  3. Each party is allowed one person to accompany them, though this person may not be a witness or involved in the case

  1. Both parties write up and submit report of events

  2. The case is heard before the University Sexual Assault Investigative Board that adjudicates the case. The USAIB has three members: 1 student, 1 faculty member, and 1 staff member

  3. An investigator interviews every witness or potential witness mentioned in the submitted reports and compiles these interviews

  4. The USAIB will evaluate this report and may separately interview anyone, though there will be no confrontation between parties

  5. Both parties have one week to write responses to the investigation

  6. If ⅔ of USAIB panel determines that respondent “more likely than not” violated the judicial code, USAIB will impose sanctions ranging from suspension to expulsion

  • Changes imposed by the Trump administration are coming to WashU’s Title IX reporting process, the University Sexual Assault Reporting Process (USAIB). These alterations would make it harder to report assaults to the board and make it harder on survivors who choose to go through the reporting process. Read SARAH’s letter to the administration advocating for what we think are more survivor-centered approaches or send your own advocating for survivors’ rights with our email template.

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