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Mental Health Counseling

Campus Counseling

Kim Webb:

  • Email:
  • Office number: 314-935-8761 
  • Kim can be contacted through the SARAH Helpline (314-935-8080) or WUPD (315-935-5555) in emergencies (when not in the office).
  • Kim Webb is the director of the Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention Center (RSVP Center). She is a confidential resource who provides counseling and referrals for students who have been involved in situations regarding sexual assault, rape, stalking, interpersonal violence, and related topics. Kim provides these services to all students. Some services that Kim offers specifically for survivors is helping change housing and classes, communicating with professors, and accompanying students while going to the hospital. In addition, Kim can explain legal procedures to students, along with accompanying them to the courthouse.

Student Health Services:

  • Website:  Student Health Services
  • Number: 314-935-6666
  • Student Health Services provides 8 free counseling sessions for each student per year (regardless if they are on Wash U’s insurance or their own). Individual, couples, and group counseling is available.
  • How to set up an appointment:
  1. Visit SHS’s website (link above) and press “make an appointment” at the top of the page
  2. Sign up for a mental health intake call
  3. Schedule an in-person counseling appointment

Overview of services:

  • 1 intake call
  • 8 counseling sessions
  • Students are allowed 15 counseling sessions total in a year. Sessions after the 8 free counseling will require a co-pay for each visit.

West Campus Psychological Service Center

  • Number: 314-935-6555
  • Location: 7 Jackson Ave
  • West Campus Psychological Service Center is for Wash U students on West Campus. Fees range from $15-$85 per session.

Community Counseling 

Safe Connections

  • Website: Safe Connections
  • Crisis Line (24/7): 314-531-2003
  • Business: 314-646-7500
  • Location: 2165 Hampton Ave.
  • Safe connections offers free individual counseling and information. It offers other services such as healing through art groups, building effective communication groups, anger management classes, and additional services.

Alternatives to Living in Violent Environments (ALIVE)

  • Website: ALIVE STL
  • Crisis Line (24/7): 314-993-2777
  • Business Line: 314-993-7080
  • ALIVE offers free individual and group counseling and other services.

Provident St. Louis

  • Website: Provident STL
  • Crisis Line (24/7): 314-647-4357
  • Business Line: 314-533-8200
  • Location: 2650 Olive Blvd
  • Provident STL offers individual and group therapy, provides assistance to people who have experienced sexual assault and abuse, hosts programs for male survivors and male partners of survivors, and offers batterer intervention programs.

YWCA Women’s Resource Center (St. Louis Regional Sexual Assault Center)

  • Website: Women’s Resource Center
  • Crisis Line (24/7): 314-531-7273
  • Business Line: 314-726-6665
  • Location: 3820 West Pine Blvd.
  • The YWCA offers individual counseling therapy for men and women. Support groups are available to women. The YWCA offers other services as well.

University of St. Louis Community Psychological Services

  • Number: 314-516-5824
  • Location: 8001 Natural Bridge Rd
  • UMSL offers therapy for adults, families, and couples. Individual therapy, couples counseling, and group therapy is available. Cost is based on a sliding scale.

Life Source Consultants

  • Website: Life Source Consultants
  • Crisis line: 314-524-0686 (leave a message; call returned next day)
  • Business line: 314-524-4130
  • Life Source provides counseling for several issues. The helpline specializes in biblical counseling.

Crime Victim Center

Crime Victim Center offers counseling services are free of charge and there are no session limits.  The crime/abuse did not have to occur in the STL region, could have happened at any point in the life span, and does not have to have been reported to police in order to receive services. Sessions can be virtual or in person as all of our staff have been trained for telehealth (as long as the client is present in the state of MO at the time of counseling.)


 Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN)

  • Website: RAINN
  • Crisis line (24/7): 800-656-4673
  • online chat available
  • RAINN provides counseling and referrals for several issues relating to rape, abuse, incest, and interpersonal violence.